Palimpsest Cartography

This site-specific work was created as a part of A Gentle Excavation, which explored architecture as an indexical archive that captures in its walls and rafters evidence of its previous tenants and functions. When RESORT Gallery owners Alex Ebstein and Seth Adelsberger renovated the building in 2017, they discovered a surplus of artifacts chronicling its history as a residence, a florist, a taxidermist, a shoe repair store, a uniform company, a tailor, and a printing press. These archival remnants simultaneously document the past, recording the quotidian activity and domestic labor that the building has housed, and mirror the precarity of the gallery’s future in a city facing gentrification and redevelopment.

Palimpsest Cartography (2019) samples found images, advertisement, Sandborn maps, and gathered detritus to investigate the ever-changing urban surfaces surrounding the gallery.