This work brings attention to the process by which the areas between surfaces and thresholds of separate entities become meaningful. On two walls, I have installed long lines of text with translucent mylar sheets hung over their surfaces. Viewers are invited to draw their finger across the sheet to reveal the text beneath, which, as it occurs, brings one ephemeral moment of clarity to the page while distorting the rest. Thus, a moment is brought forth – the moment of comprehension is emphasized – and fingertips leave desire paths as residue. The flowing presence and scale of text create distinct moments that direct the viewer through space, creating precise interactions with poeticism that speak to the processes of time, memory, and the simultaneity of individual and collective being.

Translucent screens hung in the center of the space. Various stop motion animations depicting four “chapters” appear on each screen, each housing phrases as they are written and erased. Each movement of my eraser is manifested by the movement of each shaving upon the surface of the page, which creates a sort of calmative dance. My work employs the process of erasure to attempt to break down the threshold between distinct materials and the ebbs and flows of their own transformations.